Web Series for Medievalists

Web Series for Medievalists

It is safe to say that there is a growing trend of watching more video content on our computer screens, tablets and smartphones. Netflix and Youtube are booming – and although regular television is far from being obsolete, we might be part of the early days where our viewing habits fundamentally change.

The ease of creating videos allows everyone to create a Youtube Channel and post their videos, some of which are horribly amateurish, while others are quite good. Many independent filmmakers are creating excellent web series, which are scripted shows that tend to run between five to fifteen minutes per episode.

Here are a few that we found to have a touch of the Middle Ages in it. With one exception, they are all comedies, some would be better classified as fantasy series, and you might find a few of them to be entertaining:

Dating In The Middle Ages

Follow Samantha Collins, a blocked historical romance writer, through a series of bad (but hilarious) dates as she searches for her modern-day Carey Grant. The series, which stars Devin Mills, has already had twelve episodes spread over two seasons.

Walking In Circles

Walking In Circles is an epic, medieval fantasy web series that follows the exploits of Krag, The Barbarian Prince, who leads a party of not-so-heroic adventurers on a quest for fame and glory. It features the talents of Eric Radic, Katie Wilson, Adam Rady, Ben Burch along with many guest stars. They have now completed two seasons!

Blank Verse

A webseries about William Shakespeare and the great writers of his time, re-imagined as modern day university students. The first season has 19 episodes.

Inside the Legend

In an effort to clarify worldly events, Inside the Legend brings you provocative, semi-believable interviews with history’s and fiction’s most notorious figures. No matter what their secrets, leave it to the ITL hosts, Chaz Hannigan and Rhonda Kokopele, to get to the heart of the issue, the character, or at very least, the bottom of their coffee cups. The series stars Phil LaMarr and Rhonda Kokopele – it ran for one season in 2012 and includea interviews with Joan of Arc, Lancelot and Beowulf.

Castle Siege

A group of medieval role playing misfits that just can’t seem to get out of character go on wacky adventure quests. Released in 2012, its one season had eight episodes

The Monday Knights

“An interactive web comedy series about RPG-playing nerds.” The twelve episodes were made in 2012.

All’s Faire

A comedy portraying life at the Southeastern Delaware Renaissance Faire.

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Finally, something totally not medieval:

Battle for Dream Island

As any good parent, I try to keep an eye on what my son is watching on Youtube, and this is how I got introduced to Battle for Dream Island – where 20 contestants compete to win their own island! My favourite is Ice Cube. The series has gone on for four years, and its first episode has nearly thirteen million views.

The even have their wiki that explains the show

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