Stones of Medieval Italy

Stones of Medieval Italy

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Stones of Medieval Italy

Symposium held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

Given on May 8, 2011

To celebrate the publication of Italian Medieval Sculpture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters by Lisbeth Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Jack Soultanian, international specialists will present talks on medieval sculpture.


Welcome and Overview – Peter Barnet, Michel David-Weill Curator in Charge, Department of Medieval Art and The Cloisters, MMA

Introduction – Charles T. Little, curator, Department of Medieval Art, MMA

Italian Medieval Sculpture: Who? What? When? Where? – Dorothy F. Glass, professor emerita of Art History, University at Buffalo

Collecting Italian Sculpture – Pierre-Yves Le Pogam, chief curator, Department of Sculpture, Musée du Louvre

The Stones of Medieval Venice – Lorenzo Lazzarini, Professor of Applied Petrography and Director of the Laboratory of Analysis of Ancient Materials, Università IUAV di Venezia

Rethinking the Medieval Portrait Bust in Italy – Rebecca Müller, assistant professor, Kunstgeschichtliches Institut, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

Discussion Session – moderated by Valentino Pace, Professor of Medieval Art, Università di Udine, and Richard Krautheimer Professor, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max Planck Institute for Art History, Rome

Watch the video: Documentary - Stone Riddles - Polygonal Walls of Italy (July 2022).


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