Colour in Dore Abbey

Colour in Dore Abbey

Colour in Dore Abbey

Richardson, Ruth E.

Dore Article 35 in the Friends of Dore Abbey Newsletter, Autumn 2010


Colour in the Abbey now is discreet. There are lovely seasonal flowers, clerical vestments and the attractive tapestry kneelers and pew cushions (worked in 1997 ), all seemingly enhanced by the quiet grey stonework. The beautiful altar candles provide a superb ambience for various Church Services. This is how we envisage the way our Medieval Churches and glorious Cathedrals should look….but it is not the way they actually did look in former times and to previous generations of worshippers and visitors.

Recently English Heritage has completed the ambitious project of recreating the interior of the Great Tower of Dover Castle. The rooms now appear as they would have done in preparation for the visit of the Count of Flanders to King Henry II in 1184 – photographs are on their website. This 83 feet (25.3m) high, square tower with walls 21 feet (6.5m) thick in places, was designed by Maurice the Engineer as a powerfully visible symbol of the King’s authority and prestige.

Watch the video: Ringing at Abbey Dore, Herefordshire (May 2021).