Historical Reflections / Reflexions Historiques

Historical Reflections / Reflexions Historiques

Journal: Historical Reflections / Réflexions Historiques

Founded over thirty years ago, Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques has established a well-deserved reputation for publishing high-quality articles of wide-ranging interest. Interdisciplinary and innovative in character, the journal publishes works that explore the terrain of discourse and representation, and the history of religion, art, literature and the social sciences. The journal is published three times each year, and often includes articles related to the Middle Ages.

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The editors of this journal have given Our Site permission to republish the following articles:

C. Warren Hollister, The Taming of a Turbulent Earl: Henry I and William of Warenne (Summer 1976; Vol. 3, no. 1)

E. Patricia Tsurumi, Japan’s Early Female Emperors (Spring 1981; Vol. 8, no. 1)

Steven D. Sargent, Religious Responses to Social Violence in Eleventh-Century Aquitaine (Summer 1985; Vol. 12, no. 2)

Geoffrey Granter Koziol, Monks, feuds, and the making of peace in eleventh-century Flanders (Fall, 1987; Vol. 14, no. 3)

Thomas Head, Andrew of Fleury and the Peace League of Bourges (Fall, 1987; Vol. 3)

Linda E. Mitchell, The Lady is a Lord: Noble Widows and Land in Thirteenth-Century Britain (Winter 1992; Vol. 18, no. 1)

Brigitte Bedos-Rezak, French Medieval Regions: A Concept in History (Spring 1993; Vol. 19; no. 2 )

Jeremy du Quesnay Adams, The Regnum Francie of Sugar of Saint-Denis: An Expansive Ile-de-France (Spring 1993; Vol. 19, no. 2)

Ernst Breisach, World History Sacred and Profane: The Case of Medieval Christian and Islamic World Chronicles (Fall 1994; Vol. 20, no. 3)

Brian A. Pavlac, Nicolaus Cusanus as Prince-Bishop of Brixen (1450-64): Historians and a Conflict of Church and State (Winter 1995; Vol. 21, no. 1)

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