Medieval Frontiers at War symposium to take place in Spain

Medieval Frontiers at War symposium to take place in Spain

The Spanish city of Caceres will be hosting many of the most notable medieval military historians next month for a symposium on ‘Medieval Frontiers at War’ (Fronteras medievales en guerra). The conference will take place from November 9th – 11th and will feature 29 speakers giving papers in both English and Spanish.

Among those attending the symposium will be Hugh N. Kennedy, Helen Nicholson and John Gillingham. The symposium is being organized by Manuel Rojas of the Universidad de Extremadura.

Another participant at the conference, José Manuel Rodríguez García, tells Our Site that research on medieval warfare is just now emerging in Spain. “Dr. Francisco García Fitz and Dr. Manuel Rojas are the two great specialists from a modern point of view, from a new historiography. Both of them work at the same university (Caceres), although they have different research projects and perspectives…Then there are a handful of “young” scholars, such as Dr. Martin Alvira, Dr. Alvaro Soler, Dr. Jorge Saiz, and myself who are trying to push forward this new medieval military history, and some other academics that, tangentially, work on military aspects (for example, Ana Echevarría, Manuel Flores), but, to tell the truth this line of research is, definitely, not ‘a preferent’ one in the Spanish academia.”

These scholars cover a wide range of topics, including medieval weaponry, the Albigensian Crusade, its time and simbology of battle; Francisco García deals with the warfare in the kingdoms of Castile and Leon between the 11th and 15th centuries. Rodríguez himself examines Castilian naval enterprises, espionage in the Iberian kingdoms and other topics. “Perhaps this symposium will be the moment to put forward a new and great research project,” he adds.

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