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The Barbican in Krakow

The Barbican in Krakow

The Barbican is one of the remaining portions of the medieval walls that once surrounded the Polish city of Krakow. Built around 1498, the Barbican protects one of the main gateways into the city. With walls that are almost three meters thick, seven high turrets and over one hundred and thirty windows or loopholes ideal for shooting, the Barbican would have been a formidable obstacle for any invading army.

Now visitors can walk around and inside the Barbican and explore all of its the narrow passageways. It is the perfect place for a traveller to begin their tour of this medieval capital of Poland.

In 2010 Sandra visited Krakow and toured the Barbican. Here is her video guide to the the site.

Watch the video: A WALK AROUND THE KRAKOW BARBICAN - HD (June 2021).